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How to Get ZYTIGA® | ZYTIGA® (abiraterone acetate)

How Do You Fill Your Prescription for ZYTIGA® (abiraterone acetate)?

Your Specialty Pharmacy

Your doctor will most likely send your ZYTIGA® and prednisone prescriptions to a specialty pharmacy. Specialty pharmacies carry certain medications, like ZYTIGA®, that are not available at retail pharmacies.

  • When you receive your prescription

    Your doctor’s office will complete the necessary paperwork with you and submit it to the specialty pharmacy.

    Before you leave the doctor’s office, make sure your paperwork has been submitted.

  • Within a few days

    The specialty pharmacy will call you to arrange delivery of your ZYTIGA® by mail. Ask your nurse for the phone number of the specialty pharmacy to help you recognize the call.

    If you don’t receive a call from the specialty pharmacy, contact your doctor’s office.

  • Within 2 weeks

    Your ZYTIGA® prescription should be delivered to your front door within 14 days. If not, contact your doctor’s office or the specialty pharmacy.

    Every month, you will be contacted by your specialty pharmacy to coordinate your monthly refills.


Your Doctor’s Office Pharmacy

If your doctor’s office has its own pharmacy, your ZYTIGA® and prednisone may be available for pick-up there. However, it is more common to get ZYTIGA® through a specialty pharmacy. Your prednisone prescription may also be filled at any retail pharmacy.