What to expect

Understanding Your Treatment with ZYTIGA®(abiraterone acetate)

Resources, assistance and encouragement are available to you during your treatment with oral, once-daily ZYTIGA® plus prednisone. Be sure to work closely with healthcare providers and loved ones during your treatment. And always talk with your doctor about any questions you may have.


Helpful Tips for Making the Most of Your Treatment with ZYTIGA®.

Whether at home, at work or traveling, be sure to continue to take your once-daily dose of ZYTIGA® exactly as your healthcare provider has instructed. And be aware of side effects that can be associated with ZYTIGA®.


To help stay on track with your ZYTIGA® treatment, consider using a calendar or leaving a note in a place where you'll see it every day. You may also download the ZYTIGA® Medication Tracker  —a printable, monthly calendar designed to help create a medication schedule that works best for you.

Keeping your scheduled appointments is important. Be sure to arrive prepared with any questions or observations you may have for your healthcare provider. Your caregivers and friends can also be a helpful resource for helping you to remember your scheduled dates.

Consider printing this page so that you or your loved one may review it on occasion.