ZYTIGA®(abiraterone acetate)

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How Do I Get My Prescription for ZYTIGA®?

Unlike other medications that you can get at your neighborhood drugstore, oral, once-daily ZYTIGA® is available through a specialty pharmacy. These pharmacies can deliver ZYTIGA® right to your home or any location—such as your doctor's office or a hospital—that you choose.

Assistance with your prescription for ZYTIGA® is available to you through Janssen CarePath for ZYTIGA® and a CarePath Care Coordinator.


About Your Prescription for ZYTIGA®.

Your oncologist or urologist will send your ZYTIGA® prescription to your Janssen CarePath Care Coordinator. Your Care Coordinator will forward your prescription to the specialty pharmacy, which will then fill the prescription. Or your doctor may choose to send it directly to the specialty pharmacy. At any time, if you have any questions about getting ZYTIGA®, you can always call your Janseen CarePath Care Coordinator.


Affordability Options Available to You.

Paying for your treatment doesn't have to be complicated. Janssen CarePath can speak to you about several options for helping you manage your out-of-pocket costs for ZYTIGA®, whether you have commercial insurance, have government insurance, such as Medicare, or are uninsured. Find the option that best applies to you.

Janssen CarePath will be with you every step of the way, making access to ZYTIGA® simple, convenient and easy.

For treatment support and help managing out-of-pocket costs, talk to a Janssen CarePath Care Coordinator.​



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