Is ZYTIGA® (abiraterone acetate) Right For Me?

Since its approval in 2011, more than 80,000 men in the U.S. have been prescribed ZYTIGA®.1

1Estimate based on sales and use data from April 2011 to December 2015.

What ZYTIGA® Can Do for You

ZYTIGA® (zy-tee-ga) is an oral, once-daily prescription medication used in combination with prednisone to treat men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC)*. mCRPC is prostate cancer that is resistant to medical (eg, hormonal) or surgical treatments that lower testosterone, and has spread to other parts of the body.

*mCRPC is a type of advanced prostate cancer.

In other words, your prostate cancer has progressed on androgen deprivation1 therapy (ADT) and has spread to other parts of your body.

1Androgen deprivation—A treatment to suppress or block the production or action of male hormones. (National Cancer Institute: NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms. Bethesda, MD: National Cancer Institute. 2013. Available at Accessed 5/13/2016.)

Is ZYTIGA® an Option for Me?

Consider an answer for each of these questions:

  • Have you had medical (eg, hormonal) or surgical treatments to lower your testosterone?

  • Has your prostate cancer progressed?

  • Has your PSA risen?

  • Has your doctor ordered an imaging study that showed your cancer has spread beyond the prostate?

If your answer to each of these questions is “yes,” find out if now is a good time to talk to your doctor about ZYTIGA®.

Talk with your doctor to see if ZYTIGA® is right for you.